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Awesometown is…not quite your average town (if the name alone didn't give it away). Strange and fascinating things seem to happen on an almost weekly basis— and a majority of the residents seem to react as though these "Events" were nothing more than strange weather patterns, or swamp gas. TV Characters coming to life and acting out their roles throughout the town; scientific experiments gone awry, leading to a Werewolf-esque creature rampaging through a shopping mall; even (albeit, just once) the words of an entire neighborhood jumbled up beyond recognition (iet veen arn klanu, anyone?).

But everyone seems happy. Land values are extraordinarily low, allowing even the homeless to afford luxurious housing. The best action characters shoot each other up on the silver screen (when they aren't taking potshots at Missus Dilly on Feldman street), and the hippest comedramadies play in the local theater. Red Bull's can be found for 99c each at the local gas stations (no, fasheezy, it's that ridiculous!).

But still, something seems "off" about the place, in a (not at all cliche) dark and foreboding way. Maybe it's the massive tower the town is built around, and the way that, though its windows are never lit, shadows can be seen dancing through its dimly lit corridors. What is the tower? What is Awesometown's secret? How can it be so affluent, even while selling Red Bull's at a godawfully low price? All questions that deserve answering, of course.

But there's just one rule1 in Awesometown; don't approach the tower.

An introduction to "Awesometown."

Awesometown. A little town somewhere in California that doesn't quite belong on any map or, for that matter, in this realm of existence. The year is 2010, and if you're hanging in Awesometown, the world itself teeters on the brink of destruction, chaos, and general insanity.

Awesometown is, for all intents and purposes, set firmly in "our" (as players) time and space. X-Wing's are the work of fiction, laser guns are used to play tag, and the jury's still out on whether or no using a cell-phone will lead to brain cancer. But the amalgamation of mad scientists, strange researchers, and secret government funding make the town somewhat off-kilter. In short; things exist here that should not, by all rights, exist in the first place.

Zombies, robots, and time travel; just another day in Awesometown.

Awesometown is a mush that draws its ideas and inspirations from a variety of media, including (but not limited to): Eureka, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, the Dresden Files, the Stepford Wives, Pleasantville, and Dresden Codak.

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As a final note, this game would not have been put together without the help of several friends. Please take a moment to look over the thank you page; these are people who deserve a lot of credit!

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